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Becoming a Distributor is SMART & SIMPLE!

NO autoship is required (Just so you know!)

Becoming a Distributor nowadays (well at least with Jeunesse Global) isn’t expensive or complicated like many other networking companies you may have considered getting involved with in the past.

And, there’s no need to be leery of signing up as a Distributor LOL!

Let me better explain in layman terms  … I mainly have two types of friends (which I call my ‘Jewels’) who sign up as Distributors. They are either my OPAL friends or my DIAMOND friends. (My two favorite stones by the way!)

My OPAL friends are my frugal friends who just want to become a Distributor to use the products personally for themselves. Saying that they are smart (and frugal) and see the value of buying the products wholesale instead of paying full retail price (30-50% markup) for their personal use.

Good example of an Opal type of friend is my 75+ year old Mom who totally loves Instantly Ageless which retails online for $101.18 in Canada. She decided to become a Distributor and paid $40.43 for her Starter Kit then bought a box of Instantly Ageless wholesale for $60.68 for a total of $101.18. Did you notice??? Same price as buying retail! But the cool BONUS is that now as a Distributor every box of Instantly Ageless she now buys costs her only $60.68 SAVING her $40.43 by becoming a Distributor.  Common sense becoming a Distributor no? 🙂

My DIAMOND friends are business oriented entrepreneur friends that know a fast growing sellers’ market when they see one. (Jeunesse aging and weight loss products – Over 1 billion in sales worldwide for 2015 states Business Wire). They want a chunk of that cash and are ready to startup a lucrative business either part-time or full-time.

If this is you, please know that as a Distributor of mine I offer you extra coaching plus access to my Jjewels Distributor Online Training Area located here. ONLY my Distributors (signed up under me) and their Distributor teams (yes anyone you sign up as a Distributor get access to this bonus training area too so that you can focus your valuable time on selling and recruiting instead of training your Distributors) get this exclusive bonus network marketing training. Being a Certified Internet Marketing Business Strategist graduating from the University of British Columbia I want to share my online marketing knowledge with my everyone on my team to help us all grow our Jeunesse businesses together. Learn more about my business background here.

Up, front and center (NO surprises) Distributor details:

1. No monthly autoship is ever required and is optional for your convenience. OPALS take note! 😉

2. You’ll have ONE small signup fee. You’ll pay only $40-50 (depending on the country you live in) for your Starter Kit. (The cost of lunch for two). This Starter Kit includes your website to sell online plus helpful marketing materials in your back office if you are one of my DIAMONDS and are looking at this from a business startup perspective. It also includes your back office so you can order product wholesale. My OPALS take note again! 😉

3. You are NOT obligated to buy any Signup Package. Saying that, these one-time signup packages are super awesome deals and you will only see them once at signup. They WILL NOT be offered again. If you can swing one of these signup packages I say go for it! This is the package I’d grab on signup:

For my OPALS: Basic Skin Care Package! Awesome deal if you seriously want to try out the complete skin care line and watch those wrinkles disappear this coming month. Also, buying these products individually later (even at wholesale pricing) will cost you over $170+ more than what you will pay now buying the package.

For my DIAMONDS: Ambassador Package! If you are truly investing in your NEW business (Congrats!) you’ll want to try out all of the many products in our company. You need to walk the talk. That means you’ll want to personally try all the products yourself and/or at least have them on hand to show your prospective customers. Plus the best part is that getting this package pushes you up 4 ranks to Sapphire level for the next 6 months which means you get to reap extra bonus commissions while you build your new business. So worth it! Read more about our financial rewards.

NOTE: These Signup Packages are SUPER DEALS but this is the only time you are offered them 🙁

4. Small Yearly Renewal Fee. Every year you will have to pay one payment of $19.95 to renew your Distributorship. DIAMONDS: You can get this waived by having 360 CV in autoship maintained during the preceding year. OPALS: Small price to buy to keep getting your products (that you will fall in love with and won’t be able to live without LOL) at wholesale pricing.

Whether you are one of my Opal friends or one of my Diamond friends, hopefully I’ve explained all the important details to help you make a clearer decision and signup as a Distributor.  If not, you can reach me below as I love helping out my sparkling jewel friends!

To get started as a Distributor, click the link below and follow the registration process which will give you instant access to your back office as a new Distributor!

Click Here to Become a Distributor

AND if you have still have any questions, please book an appointment with me and I’ll give you a call to get them all answered. Or call me Toll Free in North America at 1-800-642-6313 or Vancouver, Canada 604-542-9664. Another alternative contact is via email. 

 Your New Wrinkle Free Friend and/or Business Coach,

Tawnya Sutherland
Distributor #agelessatlast

*Jeunesse Global does not offer refunds on the Starter Kit enrollment fee.
**Jeunesse® does not guarantee or imply any specific earnings or income. Individual income results may vary significantly and are based on many factors, including a Distributor’s individual efforts, business experience and skills. Jeunesse® makes no warranty or representation as to the level of success, if any, Distributors may achieve by selling any product or in soliciting Distributors or retail customers.